Where to get rebates online

  1. Slickdeals

  This is one of the most popular sites offering coupon codes on stuff on electronics and technological stuff. In addition, you can get coupons on apparels, travel and vacation packages, local deals from shops close to you, as well as other categories. More interesting is that the forums on the site remain active and lively. Even better is that the deals are never ending so you can look for a coupon any time of the year so you do not have to wait for specific seasons to shop for products. This site allows you to check on your favorite online retailer so you can check on the offers they have. This ability to make comparison is great as individuals can relate to the great discounts. It is also a sign of transparency. Before you can purchase your product, you can compare the prices and offers available to obtain the best rates and help you save on your finances.
  1. Dealnews

  This is a network of sites with the inclusion of DealMac and DealRAM amongst others. They offer great deals on electronics (TVs, GPS systems, audio equipment, home entertainment gear), apparels, sunglasses, as well as clothing. Rather than advertising on the specific deals that are on offer, you simply get to the category of items you need and they will provide you with all the possible offers in that category. This eases the search process, as offers are very many. The variety allows you to identify the best possible discounts and offers so you can compare what is the best deal.
  1. Woot!

  Woot was originally a daily deal site but since Amazon purchased it, it has been able to upgrade and offer much more and at even better deals. It expanded from daily technology deals, you can now request for wine, kids items (clothing and toys), home electronics, apparel, and they also have independently designed t-shirts yet it does not stop at that. On this site, they launched Deals.Woot, which offers bargains. It is designed to allow you only see the deals are bound to save you financially. Other sites will also go the extra mile to offer more than one deal in a day. They offer exclusive bargains as well as extremely high discounts but these offers tend to run for a limited times. If you are looking for the best deals on contact lenses and Gunner glasses, this is the site to look at. There are repeated and regular discounts especially on Gunner Discounts. Discounts on these can go as high as 75% off, or even an acuvue contact lenses rebate at lenseyes.com